About Granny,
 Her Treasure Box & Book Box
After buying and selling a few things on the auctions sites I decided to build Granny's Treasure Box web site and offer for sale some of the vintage and collectible old things that I have accumulated over a long period of time.  I wanted to learn html and I built Granny's Book Box. Being retired I have the time and it doesn't take as much energy as gardening and housework.  I still do some of both but most of my time is spent researching the items I offer for sale and working on the  web sites.
The purpose of the web sites is to use 50% or more of the net proceeds to help support missionary ministries that I am in contact with through my church.  This is a rural area.  The church is Sherwood Shores Chapel, Gordonville, Texas, which is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America. You will find links to both on the Links 2 page. There is no official connection between these web sites and my local church, or the PCA.

I do sell on consignment also. Some people donate items for me to offer for sale, and I  buy some things, mostly glassware and  books, for re-sale.

I do appreciate you shopping with me and am always glad to respond to any questions comments or suggestions.

Thank you for looking in my Boxes, and 
God Bless You and Yours!

Maud Fennell
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