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I have had this candle since the early 70s. Candle is inside the painted glass. There are some numbers and what appears to be an H on the bottom of the glass. The outside is painted with a snow scene that includes a barn, mailbox and five cardinals.  The same scene is on both sides. Small missing paint spots around base where it sits inside holder and two 1/8" spots 1 to 2" from the top on one side.  Holder has worn off paint inside around the edges where the candle sits.  Does not show when candle is in holder. Overall height is 10".  Diameter of glass is 2 3/4." The candle has been lit  2 or 3 times but comes up 6 inches inside the glass. The wick is short. This is a lovely decoration at Christmas but can be used any time for a festive atmosphere.
$12.00                                                         Order
Large Candle in Christmas Holder
Unique  and Lovely  set of three candles in crystal holders.  You can see the color in the bottom of each globe, blue, yellow and peach. Felt on bottom. Tear drop shape candles have not been lit. They look especially nice on a glass table or mirror.  Globes are 4 1/2" tall, top diameter is 3".  Vintage 50s in Excellent Condition.
$24.00                                                        Order     
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Pair of Crystal Candle Holders
#CA-2 Pair of Crystal Candleholders 
These vintage candle holders are in a simple yet elegant design. The stem between the base and cup is in panels which you can see when you click to enlarge the image.  They look like depression glass, unmarked.  6 1/4" tall. Hexagon base is 5" wide. Holds standard 1" taper candle.
$12.00                                                                Order 
#CA-6  Anchor Hocking Crystal  Bubble /Boopie  Candleholders
Vintage and beautiful clear crystal set of 2  candleholders.  I have seen them called Boopie as well as Bubble.  Soft rounded flared ridges from the bubble to the top.  1" opening for candles or tapers.  They were made by Anchor Hocking Glass Company. between 1940 and 1965. They are 3" tall  with  4 1/2" bottom diameter. Simple and elegant for use or display. Mint condition.
$13.00                                                         Order
Scalloped Crystal Candle Holder
#CA-3  Scalloped Crystal Candle Holder
Vintage, Simple and Elegant crystal candle holder.  2" tall, 4 1/4" base diameter. Holds a standard 1" candle. The scallops at the base continue to the top with rounded ribs.  Unmarked but it is a good quality glass with no flaws.  Excellent condition.
$7.00                                                           Order
Pottery Globe Candle and Holder
#CP-01 Pottery Globe Candle and Holder
Vintage 70s. Very pretty Pottery candle holder with globe. Top of globe is scalloped.  Pink rounded ridged votive candle has not been lit. Globe has an extension that fits in the pottery base with a rubber insert that holds it securely in place.  Label=hand painted, lasting products inc. made in u.s.a., Felt on bottom. Delicate pink floral both sides. 7 1/4" tall, 3 1/4" diameter top of globe. Excellent condition.
$9.00                                                                  Order
Teardrop Candles in Crystal Holders Set of 3
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 Anchor Hocking Crystal  Bubble Candleholders
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