#G1-3 Noritake Candy or Nut Dish
1 available
Beautiful vintage piece of Noritake! This Nut or Candy Bowl is 5" in diameter and 1.5" tall. It features a beautifully scalloped rim, with a handpainted design of a branch, leaves, and a walnut in the shell. On a pale yellow background, very translucent and lovely, this decoration is stunning. Marked with the red M in the Wreath, the name Noritake , plus "Handpainted" and "Japan". Click HERE to see Mark. In excellent condition with only a tiny nick on the red painted detailed rim the size of a pin tip. Unique and Lovely Noritake.
$13.00                                                          Order
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#G1-6 Edwin M  Knowles KNO12, 5 piece place setting
1 set available
Discontinued 1941 Edwin M Knowles, semi-vitreous, Creamy White with Pink Yellow and Blue Flowers. Dinner Plate 9 1/2" diameter, Salad Plate 7 1/2" diameter. Cup 2 1/2" tall,  Saucer 6" diameter. Berry Bowl 5 3/8" diameter. Pattern number is KNO12.  All pieces in excellent condition, no chips, cracks or fleabites. Click HERE for Pattern Close Up. Click HERE to see mark. Each piece is marked, Edwin M Knowles China Co. Made in USA 41-8. Very Beautiful Quality Vintage China. BV 5 piece setting is about $55.00; my price
$35.00                                                         Order
#G1-8 Edwin  M Knowles Platter, 1935
0 available
Pattern: KNO441. FLORAL BOUQUET, FLUTED RIM, SMOOTH EDGE Platter. Vintage depression era circa 1935.  Beautiful old Edwin M. Knowles China Platter that measures 11" x 8-1/2".   The flowers are soft shades of lilac, pink, blue, green and yellow. Slight wear in the floral on fluted edge, not noticeable. Mark reads, Edwin M Knowles China Co. Made in U.S.A. 35-7. Click HERE to see mark. Lovely example of vintage and collectible Knowles  dinnerware.
$18.00                                                        Order       
Noritake Nut or Candy Dish
Mitake I.M.C.Fine China, Japan Dinnerware
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Oldsmobile Auto Tumbler
#G1-4 Antique Auto Tumbler
1 available
Vintage 60s Collectible glass of 1900 Oldsmobile. Etched, frosted and painted with man, car, horse, wagon and lamp post. Looks old but in good condition. No chips, cracks or nicks.  6 3/4" tall, 2 3/4" diameter. Mark on bottom is a curved sprig of wheat with clump of grass above it.  Great for a collector of antique auto items.
$4.00                                                           Order
#G1-5 Syracuse China Soup/Salad/Cereal/Dessert Bowl
1 available
Vintage & Beautiful Syracuse depression era China bowl in the Arcadia pattern, old Ivory Shape.  8 1/2" diameter including rim. 
1 1/4" tall. No flaws. Pattern Description: OLD IVORY, FLORAL SWAGS, FLORAL CENTER and gold trim in excellent condition.  Mark reads, Old Ivory  0PC0, Syracuse China, Made in America. Click HERE to see bottom of bowl. Syracuse is fine china and this would be a quality addition to your collection.
$10.00                                                         Order
#G1-7 Edwin M. Knowles Gravy/Sauce Boat, 1933
1 available
RARE, Beautiful vintage Knowles made in 1933.  It is  6" long
3 1/2 wide & 3 1/8 tall. Excellent condition, no chips, cracks or crazing.  Delicate floral's and scrolls around the boat, inside the lip and inside the top of handle.  Platinum trim in good condition.  Long since retired I was unable to find the pattern but the shape is the same as KNO657. Mark reads Edwin M Knowles China Co. Made in U.S.A. 33-6. Click HERE to see Mark.
$22.00                                                      Order
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Syracuse, Old Ivory Arcadia Soup/Salad/Dessert or Cereal Bowl
Edwin Knowles Gravy or Sauceboat
Edwin Knowles  Gravy or Sauce Boat, top
Edwin Knowles Large Platter, 1935
Ewin Knowles 5 Piece Place Setting
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#G1-9 Vintage Pope Gosser Creamer
1 available
Bentley Pope and Charles F Gosser made decal dinnerware in Coshocton, Ohio from 1903 to 1958.  I couldn't’ find the pattern on this beautiful creamer but it has a backstamp  in gold. Pope Gosser china, made in USA 1151. Very detailed pattern with a fruit basket decal on both sides. There is a  gold rim, a 1" wide border of gold flowers beneath the rim with a 1/4" filigree below the border. Gold trim also on the cup handle. All the gold is in Very Good condition. No chips, cracks or crazing.  It is 2 3/4" tall and 5 ½" wide including the handle. Lovely vintage collectible creamer to use or display.
$10.00                                                         Order         
Vintage Pope Gosser Creamer
#G1-10 Vintage White China Condiment  Bowl with  Spoon Holder
2 available
Unusual and vintage china condiment bowl with spoon on metal holder.  Simple design round bowl with flared base. Metal spoon holder secured to bowl and has a sturdy hook to hold the white china spoon. Backstamp is long and reads: Packed for and distributed by abc distributing LLC 14445 N.E. 20th lane NORTH MIAMI.FL 33181. ITEM IS FREEZER SAFE AND OVEN SAFE ITEM IS DISWASHER SAFE, MANUFACTURER XINCHENG MADE IN CHINA. Bowl is 2 1/4" tall and 3 1/2" in top diameter. With he metal spoon holder it is 7" tall. Spoon is 3 3/4" long. Would complement any dinnerware and nice for  party or buffet. Beautiful collectible, in excellent condition for use or display.
$12.00 each                                                Order         
#G1-1 Vintage White Porcelain Lotus Petal Leaf Condiment Bowls, Set of  2
1 set available
Vintage and lovely, scalloped petal like white porcelain bowls.
Each bowl has 5 large petals with a center point and two panels on the outside of each petal. There is a faint ribbed pattern in the outside upper half of the petals and scallops at the bottom. The larger bowl is 2 3/8” tall, 4 7/8” top diameter. Smaller bowl is 2 1/8” tall and 4 1/4” in diameter. There is a tiny nick in the rim of  the larger bowls that is not noticeable. None in the small bowl. No cracks or other flaws. These are unique bowls that will give an elegant look to your table or china cabinet display..
$12.00                                                       Order
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#G1-JS-3  China Lettuce Shaped Footed Salad Serving Bowl Set of 3
0 set available
This is a lovely unique china salad serving bowl, embossed inside and out in the shape of cupped lettuce leaves. Has raised ribs like a head of lettuce. It is egg shell white with brown speckles. There are 3 knobbed feet.  It has a random scalloped rim.  It is 6” in diameter,
2 ¼” tall. There is a tiny chip in the edge of one bowl. 4 tiny nicks in edge one bowl that you have to search to find. No flaws in one bowl. Overall bowls are in Very Good Condition. Bowl is unmarked and  believed to be vintage 1960s or 70s. Discounted price.
$14.00 set of 3                                             Order
China Lettuce Shaped Footed Salad Serving Bowl Set of 3
China Lettuce Shaped Footed Salad Serving Bowl Set of 3
Vintage White China Condiment  Bowl with  Spoon Holder
Orange and White China Lotus Petal Leaf Condiment Bowl
#G1-11 Orange and White China Lotus Petal Leaf Condiment Bowl
0 available
China lotus bowl orange outside with tiny ridges about 2/3rd down each petal and scallops at the bottom. Petals are the same configuration as the 3 bowls in G1-1. 5 large petals with a center point and two panels on the outside of each petal. Inside is smooth.
4 1/2" in diameter. 2 7/8" tall.  Unique lotus bowl has multiple uses including holding a candle or floating a flower. No chips, cracks or flaws.
$7.00                                                         Order
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Lotus Bowls Set of Two
Vintage set 2 white Lotus Bowls