These RETIRED plates are from the Norman Rockwell Rediscovered Women Collection.  Made by Edwin M. Knowles Fine China.  The Knowles Logo and Official Rockwell Society of America Seal on each place Authenticates Plates without certificates as genuine limited editions.  ALL PLATES ARE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION.
#RCR-1 Dreaming In The Attic, 1983 diameter 8 1/2"
Of the Only  Limited edition,
Plate Number 8879v
Edwin M Knowles
Bradex Number: 84-R70-4.1
Description is my impression of the scene.
Lovely young lady thinking about the ancestors that used all the vintage furnishings stored in her attic.  Her dreams are probably of the romantic and exciting times in which they lived. Elaborate plate with Gold patterned trim and rich colors.
$20.00                                                                        Order
#RCR-2 Waiting At The Dance, 1983 diameter 8 1/2”
Of the Only  Limited edition,
Plate Number 6978 J
Edwin M Knowles
Bradex Number: 84-R70-4.5
From the Bradford Exchange and includes, Original Box, Certificate, and Brochure. 
....Excerpt from brochure by Kathleen Grant, Art Historian, Rockwell Society of America:
“She sits by herself, dressed in her very best white silk dress, her hair carefully tied with over sized pink ribbons.  Her expression wistful and aloof, as though she were indifferent to the party around her. But looks can deceive.  Her friends are all dancing, lost in their own dreams, but she can only sit waiting alone and wondering why. Norman Rockwell painted this bittersweet portrait of adolescent uncertainly in 1920, as a cover for Life Magazine. But the universality of its poignant theme makes “Waiting at the Dance” a timeless insight into the most awkward time of our life.”
This gorgeous plate has gold print border. Very nice for gift and display.
$25.00                                                                        Order
Norman Rockwell Collector Plates
 Rediscovered Women, Limited Editions, 
Dreaming In The Attic.
Waiting At The Dance
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Norman Rockwell Collector Plate, Dreaming In The Attic, 1983
Norman Rockwell Collector Plate, Dreaming In The Attic, 1983, Mark
Norman Rockwell Collector Plate,Waiting At The Dance, 1983
Norman Rockwell Collector Plate, Waiting At The Dance, 1983, Mark
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